Walt Disney World® Resort Myths, Are They Real?

Ever wondered if the stories and the myths you heard as a child, and even adulthood, hold up? We have all heard the stories, but the truth is sometimes not as exciting as the build u of excitement you get from hearing it for the first time. Take a look at a few Walt Disney World® Resort myths and see if your favorite stands up to the test of time.

MYTH: Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World® Resort can fold down during hurricanes.

As amazing as this sounds, unfortunately, it’s not true. Disney Imagineers are smart and designed the castle to withstand the conditions of Florida weather patterns. According to D23 “Walt Disney Imagineers took Florida’s weather into account when they designed and built the castle, which consists of concrete, steel, cement plaster, and fiberglass. The castle can withstand hurricane winds of up to about 90 miles an hour.” So unless a direct hit from a hurricane lands over the center of Orlando, the castle will be able to stand for years to come!

MYTH: Walt Disney is featured as one of the singing busts in the Haunted Mansion.

We all know this classic ride. I’m sure you’ve seen the mustached broken necked statue and wondered…is that Disney? Unfortunately, no. The bust is a living memorial to a Disney vocal legend Disney and Mellomen performer Thurl Ravenscroft. Thurl is a Disney staple for voice acting from Tangaroa in the Enchanted Tiki Room, Pirates of the Caribbean, and even did work as Tony the Tiger. As much as this myth would be “Grrrreeeaaat!”, it’s an ode to a late Disney legend who helped build the magical place it is today.

MYTH: Walt Disney is buried (or cryogenically frozen) somewhere in Walt Disney World® Resort

False This is perhaps the oldest Disney myth. Walt passed away in 1966 and was cremated two days after his death. Since Walt Disney World® Resort was not opened until 1971, it would not line up via time and place. Although it would have been perfect for his ashes to be buried somewhere in Walt Disney World, the truth is that they are located at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

MYTH: Walt Disney World® Resort never closes

As cool as this would be, it’s not true. Walt Disney World® Resort does its best to keep its doors open every day, it does have rare occasions when it closes due to inclement weather like hurricanes and other disasters. Walt Disney World is also not open 24 hours a day as most think and does close later during special events like Extra Hours and Holiday Events.

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